An Overview Of How Power Transformers Are Used

Power Transformers

If you are looking for a company that can sell power transformers for a project that you are currently working on, you can find many businesses that sell them, some for affordable prices. These are simply electrical devices that are designed to produce electricity through electromagnetic induction. You will often see these on power poles, and are very useful at increasing the amount of AC voltage that is available. There are many different types that can be purchased. Here is a quick overview of how they work and then where you can purchase them.

How Power Transformers Work

The first thing that you should know about these devices is that they do not actually generate any electricity at all. They are simply used to convey electrical power from one AC circuit over to another by using what is called magnetic coupling. The current from the electricity will go through the windings, more commonly referred to as coils. There are four parts to transformers which include the core, the winding, and the input and output connections. They are designed in a couple different ways. There are single phase transformers which are very common. They are used for residential lighting, and can also be used with HVAC equipment. There are three phase transformers, Delta and Wye transformers, each with their own unique capabilities.

How Do You Find Them For Sale Online

You can find these for sale very quickly by searching on the Internet for power transformers that are currently available. You can compare the prices that they are selling them for, and then you can place an order for one that can be delivered to your location. There will likely be several to choose from that are close to your city, all of which will have competitive prices. Once you have located the right business, you should have no problem at all getting the exact one that you need at a reasonable price. It will make it possible for you to complete the project that you are working on using the best power transformer.

This overview of how to locate these companies, and also how to find the ones that are actually the best, will make it possible for you to save money and complete your project now that you know what to do, start searching for them and place your order on the web. It will make it possible for you to have it delivered in the shortest period of time.