How to increase the life span of the Pipes?

Pipes are always operational, all day long! Whenever you brush your teeth, wash your face, flush the toilet, run the washing machine, wash dishes, or shower, your pipes are continuously working. That’s a lot of work to do and a lot of water to move.


Such kind of continuous water flow can wear out the pipes. By the passage of time, the pipes can get thin, start leaking, even cause a water burst. If you hit upon such an incident, call the Bundaberg plumber so he could help you immediately.


But with a little care & effort, you can make a huge difference and can increase the life of the pipes. Here are some points:


Don’t use harsh chemical drain cleaners:

Using a harsh chemical drain cleaner regularly can eat up your pipes as well. The main reason behind this is that drain cleaner cannot tell the difference between the clog they are eating and the pipes they are traveling in. Once they clean away the blockage, they will keep eating away the pipes.


Don’t flush things that are not meant to be flushed in the pipes:

Don’t treat your toilet as a trash can. Don’t flush stuff in the bathroom, which has no concern being flushed. When you flush different stuff in the toilet, such as wrappers, trash, or other similar things down the toilet, it will cause blockage and will break off in your pipes.


Maintain the right level of the water pressure:

The high water pressure can cause them to wear out the pipes and their connections faster. Always make sure that the home’s PSI is maintained below 85 to make sure the pipe safety. It is always recommended to install the water pressure gauge so you could have a closer eye on it.


If your pipes reached the end of their life, don’t waste time and call the Bundaberg plumber to replace them timely.