Tree trimming is dangerous. When looking for expert tree trimming Jacksonville FL residents know they should do their research. However, if they are going to undertake tree trimming themselves, they always follow safety tips.

We are passing these tips on to you. These tips will ensure that your tree trimming is done correctly and safely. Serious injuries can be caused by incorrect tree trimming and you can damage property.

When You Should Not Trim Trees

If you want to trim your trees yourself, you need to know when you should do this and when you should not. It is recommended that you not trim your trees yourself when you have to stand on a ladder or use a chainsaw. Both of these actions can lead to serious injury if they are not done correctly.

When using a chainsaw, you will need to know how to correctly hold it and move it when trimming. Standing on a ladder will cause instability which can lead to injury should you fall. Professionals should be hired in these instances to ensure that the tree trimming is done safely.

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Use The Right Tools

If you are going to trim your trees, you will need to use the right tools. A pruning stick can be used by the average person to trim higher branches without putting yourself at risk. Of course, you will have to know how to correctly use your pruning stick to ensure that your trees are trimmed correctly and that you are safe. If you are using a pruning stick, you need to ensure that you stand away from the tree to avoid any branches falling on you.

Wear Safety Clothing

Another safety tip that you need to know about is to wear the correct safety clothing. You need to wear safety gloves when you trim your trees. Depending on the height of the branches you are trimming, you should also consider wearing safety glasses. You do not want any sawdust or bark flying into your eyes as this can cause major injuries.