Ever since the mobile phone became popular there has been a market for used devices, however, there are some trends and innovations that have led to an explosion in the used mobile phone market.

The first is the fact that smartphones have been increasing in price at a rapid pace. Given the initial investment (and monthly payments) many people are reluctant to simply dispose of the phones. When their contract renewal period comes around a replacement phone is often part of the deal – and that 2-year-old phone is still with quite a bit of money.

There’s also the fact that the differences between an older model and the latest release are often cosmetic in nature. The functionality of the previous models is absolutely perfect for those who are not mobile phone ‘power users’. the fact that Google offers regular operating system upgrades which can usually be installed on older phones (within reason) also makes these used phones attractive.

Of course, the Internet has made it even easier to find a site which will either buy or list an older model phone. There are plenty of buyers and plenty of eCommerce site options.

sell phone online

So what if an entrepreneur wanted to set up such a site? What are some sensible measures to take to ensure that they maintain a great reputation as a seller? We recommend running a search on “sell phone online” to see what other companies are doing. Then follow these steps.

Firstly it essential to run diagnostic software or apps on the phones that you are selling. These ensure that (among other things) that the phone has a clean ESN or IMEI. This ensures that mobile phone is not stolen.

The diagnostics will also indicate common problems with older phones including screen issues such as dead pixels, problems with Bluetooth, battery life issues and camera functionality. Of course, other hardware and system information will also be available.

When setting up the eCommerce site those wishing to sell used mobile phones need to be aware that it is the images of the product that will ensure that sale. Any site should be image heavy and also feature a full description of the product.

For those who don’t want to set up their own eCommerce site but just want to make a little money from the investment in the phone that they have replaced there are of sites that are great for selling that used phone. Of course, the two largest are eBay and Amazon. eBay even has a guide on the site with handy tips for ensuring that the phone gets sold quickly.