Orlando Tree Service

Did you know that it can cost as much as $1,000 to have a tree trimmed? That would of course be a rather extreme case, but maybe you do need to be aware of both the high end and low end estimates. Typically speaking, you will pay a lot less. In fact, the average is about $200, and on the low end, you will pay about $75. It is really interesting looking at the information about various trees and tree sizes, too.

For example, let’s say you are talking about tree removal and not tree trimming. Imagine you have a pine tree that needs to be removed, and it is about 40 feet tall. Well, that might cost you only about $200, but can you believe it would cost you as much as $1500 if the tree were upwards of 80 feet tall? That is such a significant difference in price.

It’s not just the size of a tree that typically affects the quoted price an Orlando tree service will give you. One other major factor deals with any problems that complicate the job or make it more dangerous, or both. For example, a diseased tree can cost more, and a tree that is right around a power line and needs to be trimmed can also cost more.

While tree trimming can certainly cost you, it can also be a necessary expense. Let’s look at some benefits of hiring a tree service Orlando. For starters, the company can handle all aspects of pruning and trimming. They can fine pruning, standard pruning, hazard trimming as mentioned and more.

Trimming helps keep your trees healthier, and it improves the appearance of your trees, too. Sun exposure and air circulation improves, and did you know that opting to prune fruit trees helps them yield better fruit? I would say that’s a good deal, wouldn’t you?

If you have newer trees that you have planted, they especially need to be pruned as they grow. Sometimes it’s also difficult to know how tree trimming improves the overall look of your landscape until it’s done, too. You will see a fresh and beautiful look all the way around, and of course it’s going to be awhile before you have to hire a tree trimming service again. The more you keep up with your trees, however, the less that will need to be done each time around.