Janitorial Services Edmonton

Cleaning Command is a fantastic business who offers janitorial services Edmonton for offices, educational facilities, and health and wellness clinics.  They are a commercial cleaning service company who provide their services specifically to those in Edmonton and the local area. They like to pride themselves on the quality of work that they provide along with their experienced, knowledgeable staff. Their goal is to be able to provide their customers with high quality work; this is shown through their customer satisfaction record. It’s important to make sure whenever a client comes into your office, it looks well maintained and clean, this is something they want to help you with. They will regularly schedule cleaning with you so you can make sure the appearance of your office stays clean and professional. They have had plenty of experience doing this as they have been doing it for over 10 years. They are a great at what they do, they understand they are responsible for helping keeping Edmonton clean and that there are many challenges that they will face; but also many rewards. They are also committed to using the most effective green products on the market. They provide onetime, weekly and monthly commercial janitorial cleaning services. No matter what you need their fantastic trained, professional staff will make sure to complete the task and pay close attention to detail. They will even tailor a package to meet your needs. They want to create long lasting relationships with all of their clients which is why they offer a high-level of service and communication.

They see it as their responsibility and duty to make sure that every day their workers leave the site safe and healthy. They think that safety should be everyone’s responsibility; they expect all of their employees to be as committed to these high-standards as they are. They know that there is a big difference in being fully and not fully committed by measuring things such as injuries. This Edmonton cleaning services provider makes every reasonable effort to provide a safe, healthy work experience for their staff, in their office and on the job site. They use eco-friendly products because they are healthier for their staff, clients and the environment. They are committed to environmental responsibility as its how they promote clean, safe environments; they do this by using HEPA-filtered equipment to reduce dust and allergens, and innovative green cleaning products. Their technicians are well trained and frequently evaluated to make sure the work is always completed in an safe manner meeting certain standards. All of their clients can expect deep cleaning pf windows, washrooms, staircases, all floor types and more.